Author Who?

by Arleen Chan

In the classroom we read the book "Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle"

We have done a lot with this book.
We wrote about it !
We made the butterfly life cycle.
We even made a little mobile.

In my Edula 615 Class I even did the Flicker project with it.

We even did a podcast on The book" Little cloud " by Eric Carle.

Author Studies can be enhanced by using sites on the Internet that can help introduce the author and illustrator to the students and make them more personal and their lives more intimate to the students. The Children's Literature Web Guide provides an Authors on the Weblink that compiles web sites for many children's literature authors and illustrators. This is a great resource for teachers and students alike. Students get to learn that authors and illustrators are people who have lives just like them. By learning about them, their stories, and motivation behind writing and illutrstaing, students begin to relate it to their lives and then can see themselves as authors and illustrators in their own right. {Carolyn Semet}