Welcome to Language Arts & Technology. Here is our class wiki. The purpose of this assignment is to discover ways Web 2.0 can be used in instructional settings. Your learning adventure is as follows:
  1. Create a new page with content on any topic that involves Language Arts.
    Due: June, 27 2007
  2. Edit and/or add content to at least five other pages. Be sure to include your name after any edits and on the page you created.
    Due: July 24, 2007
Think of this wiki as your playground and don't be afraid to experiment.
Here are some wiki tutorials.
Wikispaces Tour
How I Use Wikis
Using Wikis
Wild About Wikis
Wiki Walk-Through
Check out the wiki from my spring EDLA classes for some ideas.
After creating your new page, in order to have it show up in the under Navigation you need to click on edit navigation. This will bring you to the space. menu page. You need to add the name of the page you just created and link to it.